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We'll share our experience...


Surfwell is likely to be great for you if:

You feel confused, overwhelmed or need to be able to 'switch off'.

You're without someone who understands and has time to listen.

Traditional forms of support have not worked or don't appeal.

Surfwell is probably not the answer if:

You'd struggle to try something new, even with other newbies in a similar position.

You would prefer a more formal, clinical atmosphere.

You're likely to feel unable to offer encouragement to others participating.

Still feel unsure?

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You're not alone and this isn't lip service - we truly care.

Surf Therapy may not be conventional, but for most it works.

You've truly nothing to lose and quite probably a lot to gain.

"I don't know how you've done it, but I've felt able to talk
more today than in years of counselling..."

Tracey, Surfwell participant