They'll be glad you asked...


Your team need you to respect and nurture their wellbeing more than ever.

The statistics of those suffering are worrying.

Traditional measures and Occupational Health Services aren't for everyone.

Surf therapy is new to many - quirky to some - but it does work. 

If you're a Leader within the Emergency Services, please:

1. Understand the concept of the Surfwell and our results so far.

2. Put aside preconceptions - let us share with you the journey of past skeptics.

3. Sign up your team to this unique opportunity and reap the rewards.

 1 in 4  of emergency workers have considered taking their own life.


Surfing is medicine.
Surfwell has the potential to help

thousands of emergency service workers

...and to save lives. 

Be part of offering something incredibly special.

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"Listening in to your last session was the

most emotive thing I have ever been involved in

during my 15 years within the Force."

Firearms Officer, Cornwall