Meet Jo Tearall

Well, welcome to the Surfwell website...but more importantly, welcome to the Surfwell team. For those who have yet to meet us, our new 'Making Waves' blog is the perfect place for us to introduce ourselves further. (We'll also look forward to sharing more of our news, events and successes here).

I've a little video message below to help you put a face to the name, or scroll down to read more about me.

As Project Co-Ordinator for Surfwell, I'll typically be the first person you make contact with. I handle the majority of our referrals, whether they come directly from those reaching out for support or from Leaders within emergency service organisations looking to offer an alternative form of therapy to their team.

I also support Sam and James, Surfwell's founders, with a whole lot more - and generally aim to keep the boys in line! A role that is that is as challenging as it is inspiring (-;

Finally, you'll also meet me as one of Surfwell's instructors on our therapy event days. Sometimes that has me out in the water with you, other times are spent listening on the sand, or perhaps I'm supporting our other Instructors with our increasing number of enquiries.

So, as for my journey until now:

I grew up in landlocked Buckinghamshire. Family holidays were spent in North Devon and at an early age I fell in love with the sea and surfing. Determined to “live the dream”, I eventually returned to North Devon to follow my passion of surfing and in my role as a police officer.

I now live here with my wife, Monique, and our two collie dogs, Fin and Kai (see pic below). If we are not down the beach we are having adventures in our camper exploring our National Parks.

My policing career began in 1996 in Dorset on patrol, in Poole and Bournemouth. In 2002, I joined the Dorset Police Marine Unit and served 5 years on the team returning for specialist roles for the Olympics and G8.

Developing people to see and reach their potential drives me and to assist with this I became a tutor, police trainer and obtained an Advanced Certificate in Education.

Surfing for me is a way of life. It has taken me on adventures all over the world to some beautiful places such as Costa Rica, Hawaii, Sri Lanka, Java, Bali, Lanzarote and France and given me opportunities to meet some inspirational people.

It is humbling, empowering and helps me feel alive and focused. I'm no expert but I am passionate about surfing. I love it when I can help others to experience the emotions and feelings that surfing brings, whether that be the thrill of catching waves or the sense of peace and calm that comes with just being on the water.

Please don't hesitate to send me a message if you'd like to know anything more about Surfwell. It would be great to hear from you, Jo.

"I feel truly blessed to have met Jo. She has a deeply calming and reassuring vibe about her, alongside an uplifting energy. I've found her easy to talk to and it's clear she truly listens - and understands".

"Jo, you got my buzz back! Surfing feels fab again and that brings with it so many other benefits. You've made a wonderful difference to me - thank you".

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