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Obviously when Sam Davies and James Mallows developed the concept for Surfwell they did so with the aim of providing additional and/or alternative support to fellow emergency service colleagues. However, they both admit to being surprised by just how quickly - and how deeply - their efforts were appreciated.

With the official launch of our website imminent, today we must wait and fight the urge to share all the wonderful postivity, uplifting feedback and amazing Leader reactions we're privvy to. No doubt we'll soon be able to spill more; we can't wait to celebrate the initial success of this pilot project with you!

So, with such restraint in mind, for now we will simply share the first of a series of video testimonials. These were sent to us by past participants who felt keen to support us following their Surfwell experiences. No rehearsals, no fancy editing, just brave souls prepared to share some of their story to help benefit others - Respect.

Do you feel like you could benefit from surf therapy?

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SURFWELL is a pilot project committed to helping those working within the Emergency Services to improve
their mental health, resilience and workplace performance through the proven scientific benefits of surf therapy.
SURFWELL aims to reduce stress, improve staff wellbeing, encourage an early recovery and nurture ongoing resilience.

Surfwell surf therapy is a pilot project here to support blue light workers, such as the Police, Ambulance, Fire, Coastguard,
RNLI and other such emergency service providers.