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Passion meets science...


"Surf therapy is a method of intervention that uses surfing to
promote psychological, physical and psychosocial well-being"

ISTO (International Surf Therapy Organisation)

Sam and James have long used surfing to support their wellbeing and career performance.
Together, they had the idea - the passion - to share it with colleagues.
Their pioneering pilot project is now flying high!

Surf therapy is used around the world in military and charity sectors to huge effect,
helping people who have felt beyond help from more traditional approaches.
It has quite literally saved lives.

Surfwell is the first time that surf therapy has been formally trialled by the
Police as an intervention for their staff struggling with mental health. It is now aspiring to deliver the same 
tremendous accomplishments for blue light services as have been seen in other sectors.


Our aims are clear, our passion heartfelt and the impact of Surfwell is impressive.
We're proud to provide this exciting, invaluable support for you or your team members.


Revolutionary research into the success of Surfwell therapy!

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Far from just surfing.

Discover the difference of our Surfwell pilot programme:


Ongoing support

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Full day therapy

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Pyschology Path

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High-level Support

including Luke Dillon, English National Surfing Champion:

 1 in 4 emergency service workers have considered taking their own life



Project Co-Ordinator

For me, surfing is a way of life; 
it's humbling, empowering and helps me
to focus and feel alive. I'm excited about sharing this to help benefit colleagues.

Watch my video message here.


Sam Davies &

James Mallows

Founders & Project Leaders

Finding surfing to be a coping mechanism for their own stress and traumas, and inspired by seeing how effective surf therapy is for war veterans, Sam & James began Surfwell to help all emergency service workers. 




Experienced & Understanding

All Surfwell instructors work within the emergency services and feel passionately about nurturing the mental health of colleagues. You'll find us all open minded, 
big hearted and good listeners!

We all work for the Police, so have personally experienced or witnessed many of the challenges you face. 
Whatever your troubles, you'll find us non-judgemental and keen to support all colleagues.

Surfwell time is all about you.

The Surfwell Team