Time to ditch 'em!

Everyone has concerns at first.

It's from uncertainty that new strengths arise.

Fear the sea? Worried about the cold? Can't swim?

Dread donning a wetsuit?

Trust us - all this makes Surfwell perfect for you.

Often too choked up to talk? Struggle to describe your feelings? Hard to revisit traumas? 

It's all ok. At Surfwell, there's no pressure, no expectations.

We're here to give you the support you need, even if that's just the chance to breathe.

Take comfort from our FAQs below.


Does it matter if I can't swim well and I'm really unfit? 

Our greatest successes have been with participants who can't swim or who never go in the sea. Surfwell instructors are all trained to keep you safe and the day is taken at your pace. In fact, it's not even about standing up! We work with your fears or concerns to build trust, improve confidence and to enjoy a sense of achievement. We have taken many participants who are petrified of the water but who have said it changed their lives! We're confident we can give you a great day.

Surfing all year round? I'll freeze! 

We have top quality equipment to ensure you are comfortable and safe. We've already run sessions right through the year - even when it was icy on the beach - yet still all our participants finished the session smiling!

I'm embarrassed of my body! Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

Worries over body image are very common and many of our participants dread the idea of pulling on a wetsuit. However, you'll find that everyone is in the situation and sympathetic to each other. What's more, you'll find that no-one else is bothered about what others look like - you'll be too focused on your own achievements. We promise, it's a popular worry yet it quickly becomes unimportant to everyone.

I feel anxious about talking in a group. Do I have to?

There is no pressure to open up; everything about the day is designed to put you at ease. You never have to talk if you don't want to and no-one else will know your reasons for attending unless you choose to share them. 

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We can just talk it all over.

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