Wellbeing Support Pilot for Emergency Service Colleagues

Improved Mental Health  -  Reduced Stress  -  Early Recovery  -  Resilience 

Why we're here

Surfwell is a pilot project, working with 

Emergency Service providers to improve staff

mental well-being, resilience and workplace

performance through the proven scientific
benefits of surf therapy. 

A concept that has not only changed lives,

but also saved lives

Open your mind


It's a bit different - but it works.

Discover the science behind

groundbreaking therapy creating  worldwide success stories...

The concept

shutterstock_1216117198 (2).jpg

Not a Surfer? That's ideal.

Surfwell is for everybody.

A new source of support

and strength. 

Is it right for me?

Mental health struggles within
your organisation are on the rise.

Be part of a solution.

Is it right for my team?

"The only reason I have not left the Police
is down to the support I found through Surfwell"

Surfwell participant


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SURFWELL is a pilot project committed to helping those working within the Emergency Services to improve
their mental health, resilience and workplace performance through the proven scientific benefits of surf therapy.
SURFWELL aims to reduce stress, improve staff wellbeing, encourage an early recovery and nurture ongoing resilience.

Surfwell surf therapy is a pilot project here to support blue light workers, such as the Police, Ambulance, Fire, Coastguard,
RNLI and other such emergency service providers.