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Academic Evidence Base

This programme has always been focussed on developing the most effective model, using evidence from academic studies, independent advisors, and experts in a range of fields.

The entire team have a true passion and deep understanding of what is required to support colleagues, and how this intervention is so much more than just going surfing, or teaching a surf lesson.

The very first ripples of an idea led to almost 12 months of literature reviews, academic research and interviews with experts in mental health and surf therapy providers. At the time of starting this programme, there were no other surf therapy programmes in existence in the world which were designed to support Emergency Service and First Responder communities.

Building on the passion for academic evidence, the founders initially worked with Exeter University Business School, who completed an independent proof of concept study in 2019. This research piece cited some outstanding results, which led to the rapid and significant growth of the programme, into a globally recognised and highly respected programme.

The team have contributed to several national working groups, and are a global contributor to the International Surf Therapy Organisation which aims to connect academic work and improve Surf Therapy on a global scale.

Academic support continues, and we will be talking to each of our students and researchers in the coming weeks to learn more about the evidence base.

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