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Meet me: Nella Barker

After 18 years of front line policing I have seen and done many things. I became involved with Surfwell 5 years ago whilst working as a Youth Intervention officer working with young offenders and was struck by the contrast of the level of investment and energy we put into safeguarding others and not ourselves.

Being part of the emergency services is a privilege but I think we are sometimes naive to the impact and toll it takes on our own lives. The things we see and do are not comparable with many others.

Surfwell is an extraordinary opportunity to pause and reflect on our experiences, a chance to intervene in our own lives to ensure we can get the balance right between delivering the service we all want to deliver whilst taking care of ourselves. I am proud to be part of such an innovative project which seeks to ensure the wellbeing of those that are there when people need them most.

I now work as a police inspector, which brings it’s own demands and levels of responsibility, I manage this alongside a busy family life with three children and an assortment of animals.

Surfing and the sea has been an intrinsic part of rebalancing and stabilising who I am and I am delighted to be part of delivering the therapeutic magic surfwell offers to my frontline colleagues.

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