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Meet me: Richard Booker-Williamson

I have been involved in Surfwell since its inception in 2019 and worked full time in its transition over the years which included Supervising Referrals and Operations roles and session delivery within the project.

I have been a Police Officer for over 27 years and have a great deal of experience having worked in various specialisms in the force during my career including the Tactical Aid Group and CID as a Detective Sergeant. I have worked on and overseen all manner of incidents including serious Homicide cases.

I am also a Disaster Victim Identification / Mortuary Officer and as such have been exposed to a great deal of trauma the most significant of which was being selected to work in Thailand following the Tsunami. I assisted in body recovery/identification witnessing first-hand the unprecedented catastrophic consequences the death and destruction left in its wake.

Unfortunately, there was also one incident in particular during my career which severely affected my own Mental Health and due to the lack of support and handling changed my perception of the organisation at that time. During this time, I felt like my whole world was falling apart and needed all the help I could find from friends, family, peer support and counselling prior to getting closure and eventually being able to move on with my career.

As a result of my own experiences I have found it rewarding to help and give something back to others who for whatever reason may be struggling with their own Mental Health. I have a passion for Yoga, Surfing and Cold-Water Therapy which has also helped me overcome the stress and challenges of life!

I am keen to help others do the same and am passionate to ensure I am trained to the highest levels to maintain a professional approach to what I do. Knowing the level of stress I was under when I was going through my own struggles, and how it made me feel, makes me really understand how difficult it can be. If I can help people recover quicker from similar struggles then I feel immense satisfaction.

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